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Culinary pleasure with a good portion of variety.

If you want to enjoy variety in your daily meals, you will always feel at home with Engel – your organic indulgence. With a whole number of yummy recipes you will enjoy variety and culinary pleasure every single day.

Quinoa Mediterran

style. With chunks
of vegetables
and delicious
Organic Tomato Rice Dish

Rice dish with
ready in no time.
Organic Asian Rice Dish

Asian style
rice dish.
Spicy, a taste
of Asia,
ready within
10 minutes.
Organic Rice Dish with Mushrooms

Rice dish
with mushrooms.
Creamy, tasty
and quickly
prepared. Your
new favorite dish!
Organic Pancakes

batter mix.
May be refined
with sweet
or spicy
Organic Mediterranean Polenta

polenta dish.
With sun-ripened
vegetables and
seasoned with
Organic Ticinese Polenta

Deliciously spiced
polenta dish.
A culinary
delight from
Italy’s rural
regions. *
Organic Mug Cake: Vanilla flavour

A Vanilla dream.
A delicious treat
between meals
or simply a
little reward -
a delightful taste!*
Organic Mug Cake: Hazelnut flavour

A Hazelnut dream.
The probably best
45 seconds
of the day!
Pizza Mix

Pizza dough
baking mix.
The basis for
all types of pizza
or for your favorite
pizza. Fantastico!*
Seeded Bread Mix

Bread baking
mixture with seeds.
Enjoy a crispy,
juicy, hearty and
very tasty
type of bread!*
White Bread Mix

Bread baking
mixture for
white bread.
Homemade, with or without
You will love it!*
Chocolate Dream

A Chocolate
Dream. Young
and old alike
just cannot
get enough of such
a sweet sensation.*
Organic Tomato Pasta-Dish

Pasta dish
with tomatoes.
For children, for
guests, for me -
for all of us
a healthy treat.
Organic Asian Noodle Dish

Asian style
pasta dish. Close
your eyes and let
yourself be carried
away to Thailand.
A taste of home!
Mash potato

Potato mash.
A fine taste
prepared within
no time, tasty
and light: this is
my taste of home.
Potato & chickpea mash

Chickpea mash.
Whether used as
mash, delicate
soup or patty –
always simply gorgeous.
Potato fritters

Potato pancakes.
A classic for
children and
adults alike.
We recommend:
tastes great
with apple sauce!
Potato starch

Potato starch.
Ideal for
fine pastries,
soups, sauces and
Easy and quick.

* Product available at short notice, not yet available from retailers.