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Our way: sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Every dish is of the same high quality as the ingredients from which it is made. That is why we guarantee that only the best raw materials are selected and processed by us – from seed to planting and harvesting. We also commit ourselves to making our products in harmony with the environment.

As sustainability and quality awareness are inseparable for us, we always operate in the best interests of the environment in our region. For example, since 2012 we have created biotopes and pastures with sheep, created floral border strips by fields and planted around 2,500 trees in 2014.

As a responsible company we see healthy growth in the truest sense of the word.

Since 2012 our potato products are mady only with steam coming from our biomass CHP plant. Thanks to this bio-energy we produce Engel Meine Heimatküche CO2 neutral. We understand our environmental commitment far beyond the use of organic ingredients.

Our quality standards are reflected by numerous certifications. This includes IFS 6, ISO 22000 and BRC. Our actions in matter of sustainability and ecological efficiency are controlled by independent organism through the certification SEDEX.